Friday, June 16, 2006

The New Jersey Redskins

I turned on the Mets new TV channel, SportsNet NY, this morning to watch highlights of the Mets game I attended in Philadelphia on Thursday. In addition to the Mets highlights, SNY had a piece on the quarterback competition in the Jets camp and an interview with a Giants player. Of course former Redskins were prominent in each piece: SNY interviewed Patrick Ramsey and Lavar Arrington.

I liked both players when they played for the Skins. I would love to see what Ramsey can do if he gets a chance to play, and play behind a line that will protect him. I think Jets fans are in for a positive surprise. The Jets got a first rounder for practically nothing.

I also wish Arrington well. He is a playmaker, if an undisciplined one, and I hope he plays very well against the Cowboys and Eagles this year (but very average against everyone else).


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