Friday, January 06, 2006

Mike and the Mad Dog Predictions

M&MD just split their Redskins picks. Mike picked the Bucs and Mad Dog, the Redskins.

Mike’s Rationale: “The Redskins secondary is too banged up.”

Translation: “I am in love with Chris Simms because his daddy was a Giant. Parcells is a former Giants coach, which is why I pick the Cowboys in games in which they don’t play the Giants. It’s also why I picked the Cowboys to go to the playoffs instead of the Redskins right up until about 7:30pm last Sunday night. I also pick the Patriots this week because Belichek was a Giants coach. I wear Giants pajamas with built-in slippers and sleep on Giants sheets.”

Mad Dog’s Rationale: “The Redskins are as hot as all can be” and the quarterback and running back have playoff experience.

Translation: “The Redskins are as hot as all can be and the quarterback and running back have playoff experience.”

I will give Mike some credit, though. He did say he is picking against the better team. Specifically, he said he “knows the Redskins are the better team.” He also said everybody he talked to (presumably with a job as an NFL analyst) is picking the Redskins.

By the way, I will have plenty to say on a couple of theories that I have heard ad nauseum. Namely, that the Redskins are too banged up to stay with the Bucs receivers and the Redskins somehow spent their load just getting into the playoffs.


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