Thursday, January 12, 2006

9.5 Point Underdogs!!! Could Someone Close to the Team Please Confirm Here that the Redskins Got on Their Scheduled Flight to Seattle Today?

Why should they? Not only is everyone saying Seattle will win on Saturday, they say it is a lock that the Seahawks are going to cover that spread. I just hope the Redskins board the plane if only to give their fans one last chance to salute their great effort before the season ends on saturday night.

Here's one indication that the Redskins don't have a chance. While most pundits said Seattle will win convincingly, yesterday's five-minute piece on the Seattle game on ESPN's NFL Live had an interesting twist. NFL Live is a fifteen minute show without commercials. So, yesterday's NFL Live spent five of their fifteen minutes on the game and not once was the word "Redskins" spoken by anyone.

Ironically, ESPN opened by stating that Seattle is getting no respect, and then it proceeded to completely disrespect the Redskins by ignoring them. The only allusion to the Skins in the first 4:50 came at the beginning of the piece when Sean Alexander gave an excuse for why the Seahawks "lost to 'them'" and why the Seahawks are now a different team because they have since won eleven in a row. He laughed as he said "we won eleven in a row" in the way one says: "Of course we're different now, we're the best team in the NFC, and that's why we're going to stomp on the Skins."

ESPN ended with "Washington at Seattle this Saturday at 4:30." Could someone please confirm that Washington will actually bother going to Seattle?

Tomorrow, I will publish Counter Trey's preview of the game in which Seattle plays the team-that-is-not-Seattle.


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