Sunday, January 15, 2006

The Riddells got to Popping

I interrupt whatever cogent thinking on yesterday’s game that I could muster for this visceral, belly laugh. Marcus Washington is one of my favorite players. He brings great enthusism and skill to the Redskins D. I don't think anyone was happier than Marcus when Gruden called for a two-point conversion in the Nov. 13 game at Tampa Bay. Here he describes the defense's style of play:

"Everyone keeps asking me about Shaun Alexander, like he's Superman, but I don't know. When you play against us, you're going to get hit. Even the games we lost, we won the physical part of it," Washington said. "If they're going to rely on a running back to beat us, I like those odds. We shut Tiki [Barber] down [Dec. 24]. He didn't do much against us. The MVP comes out today, the Riddells got to popping. . . . "

Riddell is the maker of the helmets and most of the pads worn in the NFL and amateur football leagues.


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