Thursday, December 29, 2005

If Not Them, Who?

As I posted yesterday (from the Washington Post):

...Theismann is feeling pretty good about his preseason prediction that his former team will advance to the Super Bowl.

"Yes, I stand behind my prediction," Theismann said. "What's changed to make me change my mind? I don't care if people think I'm a homer. You could analyze this team and come to the same conclusion. Plus, outside of Seattle, there isn't a dominant team in the NFC. They had Tampa on the ropes. Carolina had a must-win at home against Dallas and couldn't win that one, so who is out there in the NFC that they would be considered overmatched against?"

The Redskins can make the playoffs with a win Sunday. Theismann, who watched the Redskins go from 5-6 to a win from a playoff team, says now he isn't the one who is crazy.

"Sean Salisbury said if it happened, he would walk from Dallas to New York, or something like that," Theismann said of his fellow ESPN analyst...

If you're following along at home, here are all of the seedings for the various outcomes this weekend. Great stuff.


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