Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Things Change Quickly in the National Parity League II

I had previously written that the Redskins best chance at the playoffs was to win the division and I’m still convinced that they will. But, now they also have a decent shot at a wild card if they don’t win the division. Things change quickly.

Carolina’s unexpected loss to the Bucs makes the Redskins’ 7 – 2 record in the NFC the best conference record among wild-card contenders; record in the conference is a critical wild-card tie breaker. Only the Bears at 8 – 1 in the NFC and the Seahawks at 10 – 1 have a better conference record than the Redskins, but Seattle already clinched their division and the Bears are likely to clinch the North.

Isn’t it funny that the two teams with the best NFC records have only one loss each and each loss was against the Redskins? So, if the Bears slide down to wild card contender, the Skins own the first tie breaker against them. The Redskins are definitely playoff worthy.

My prediction still stands: The Redskins run the table and win the NFC East.


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