Saturday, December 17, 2005

Congratulations Giants

The Giants just won the NFC East with a huge assist from the NFL.

Nine home games--seven on the road--for a team that cannot win on the road should have been the first clue that someone or something has been watching over the Giants this year. I think it's pretty obvious that this team had little chance of winning the division without help. But, when NFL officials throw flags against the Chiefs for finishing tackles, well that is the final straw. The Chiefs got a taste of what the rest of the NFC has been living with this year. Congratulations Giants. (Update 12-18-05: Mike Francesca and Phil Simms--both Giants homers--just said on Mike's NFL Now radio show that those calls against the Chiefs were ridiculous. Simms went so far as to say they probably changed the outcome of the game.)

The Giants should appeal to the league for home field advantage throughout the playoffs on the grounds that they can't win without it.


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