Tuesday, December 27, 2005


From the New York Daily News:

NFL goofs with champ gear

An official 2005 NFC East division champions
locker-room hat with the Giants' logo on it? $21.99.

The accompanying T-shirt? $19.99.

The Washington Redskins winning the NFC East title instead?

Yesterday that was priceless, because while the NFL was selling official Giants NFC East championship gear at its online store, the league did not appear to be selling similar items with the Redskins logo. The Redskins, of course, could still steal the division title from the Giants this weekend if the Giants lose in Oakland on Saturday and the Redskins win in Philadelphia on Sunday.

But that didn't stop NFLshop.com from featuring official "locker room" gear from a Giants' locker room celebration that may never take place...

Ralph Vacchiano


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