Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Jack Del Rio's Take on the Skins


...This is the Jack Del Rio era, which has been all about defense; 9-0 over the Steelers, for example. The Jaguars haven't always been productive on offense, but powerhouse defense has been their weekly calling card. Ask the Steelers. Ask the Colts.

Don't, however, ask the Redskins, who ravaged the Jaguars for 481 total net yards, including 112 yards rushing by Clinton Portis and an unconscionable 329 yards passing by Mark Brunell.

Unthinkable, right? Wrong.

In fact, Del Rio went into Sunday's game at FedEx Field with a distinct feeling the Redskins were the kind of offense that could wreak this kind of havoc on the Jaguars' defense....

...“I basically thought it was going to be like this. I thought there would be an opportunity to score a lot of points. I was afraid coming in we couldn't slow them up,” Del Rio said ...

Whom should we trust to assess the Redskins talent: Jack Del Rio or Peter King?


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