Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Peter King's 2006 NFL Predictions

As if right on cue, Peter King, the Bride of Frankenstein, published his predictions yesterday. Of course he has the Redskins finishing in last place this year, the same spot he predicted they would finish last year.

This year he thinks Brunell needed to prove something in the preseason and failed. Last year he predicted that Brunell would be such a failure that Jason Campbell would be the Redskins starting QB by Halloween. When Gibbs announced that he was coming back in January of 2004, King said the game had passed him by. Genius.

Notice that he predicts that the Giants and every team that has an affinity with past Giants teams--Dallas (Parcells), Carolina (Fox), New England (Belichick)--will make the playoffs. He has Dallas, Carolina and New England finishing in first place in their divisions. He also predicts that Dallas will win the Super Bowl. Last year he had Dallas second in the NFC East and the first Wild Card seed. Last year he had New England (of course) beating Minnesota in the Super Bowl. Genius.

Oh, and if you think I'm the only one who thinks he's biased against the Redskins and Art Monk, check out this guy who stole King's calendar and posted it on his blog. Look at the entry for 10am.


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