Monday, October 02, 2006

Skins 36 - Jaguars 30: WOW

Brunnell dropped back and looked left. Moss was running down the left sideline, the sideline where my seats are located (section 118). I peeked over to see whom Brunnell was looking at and immediately screamed “NO!”

(Update 10/4/06: Evidently, a headset-wearing coach on the Redskins--possibly Saunders--felt the same way as I. In a press conference, Gibbs said a coach yelled "not there" into Gibb's headset as Brunnell was about to release the ball.)

Moss was the lone receiver on the left side and was double covered with a corner in front and a safety right behind him. From my angle, there was very little room to put that ball. I pictured the corner picking it and running it into the end zone in front of me. All of that imagining took place in about one or two seconds.

Then I saw Brunnell fire a bullet and Moss leap for the ball and grab it. Brunnell made a perfect throw. Two inches in any other direction and it would have been a disaster. In a split second I went from despair to elation, pretty much what everyone around me felt because complete strangers were jumping up and down, hugging, and high-fiving. It was bedlam and it was a lot of fun.

I’ll have more on the game tomorrow.

Update 10/3/06: On monday, Brunnell told Comcast Sportnet that he thinks the coaches are going to say that his TD throw in OT was "unwise" when they review the film together.


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