Monday, November 28, 2005

Did Anyone Notice?

...that Counter Trey got all of his NFC predictions correct this week; the first week of the remaining six?

Skins game not a must win, but it would have been nice to hold a 10-point lead
Giants lost
Cowboys lost
Bucs lost
Panthers won

Things are falling into place for the Redskins. Their fate is still in their hands. Depsite the loss yesterday, they finally won a turnover battle--only the second time this year--and they won it decisively. They won it because they were able to get pressure on the quarterback despite facing a very good offensive line. They were able to get pressure on the quarterback because they got Cornelius Griffin back on the field.

Griffin played a substantial amount of the game so it looks like he's healthy enough to continue. That is good news as the Redskins have finally gotten to the softest part of their schedule (and what a brutal schedule it has been until now. I'd like to know why the League that wants parity made a team that was 6-10 last year face this kind of competition). Despite all of the injuries, they should be able to take advantage of the rest of the schedule with the players they have now.

They should easily win their next two even though they are on the road for both. If they don't win they are not a legitimate playoff team this year. Then, they will come home for two games with a record of 7-6 against Dallas and New York. They will win both of those at home. Then they will head to Philadelphia where the McNabb-less Eagles will be playing out the string. That's 10-6 and the NFC East title.


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