Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Thank You Tony Kornheiser

Earlier this morning, I read a column in the Washington Post by Sally Jenkins on the delusion of certain Redskins fans. Sally, as Tony Kornheiser just pointed out on his radio show, lives in New York and is a huge Giants fan.

There is one specific point in Jenkins' article on which I need to comment. Jenkins wrote that the Redskins have been inept despite the fifth easiest schedule in the league. When I read that line my blood pressure rose. For the disinterested reader I list the Redskins' schedule thus far and their opponent's position in the standings and their current record. You tell me if it looks easy.

Chicago (1st) 8 - 3 Redskins W
Dallas (1st) 7 - 4 Redskins W
Seattle (1st) 9 - 2 Redskins W
Denver (1st) 9 - 2 Redskins L
KC (2nd) 7 - 4 Redskins L
SF (4th) 2 - 9 Redskins W
NY (1st) 7 - 4 Redskins L
Philly (4th) 5 - 6 Redskins W
Tampa (2nd) 7 - 4 Redskins L
Oakland (4th) 4 - 7 Redskins L
Chargers (2nd)7 - 4 Redskins L

So, the Redskins have played five first-place teams and three second-place teams in eleven games. Their opponents' combined record is 72 wins and 49 losses. Has Sally Jenkins lost her mind? That has to be one of the toughest schedules in the NFL.

My blood pressure rose as I read her column and stayed there until I turned on Sports Talk 980 on the net and heard Kornheiser call her out on this exact point. Kornheiser screamed, "On what planet is that the fifth easiest schedule in the NFL?" Thank you, Tony. If there were a BCS for the NFL, the Skins would be going to a prime Bowl game.


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