Wednesday, October 26, 2005

My Mistake

I should have predicted that the Redskins would score 52, not 42. I'll try harder next time.

To everyone that posted on this blog, or on that I was "crazy," and "insane" and the "Colts could only score 28 against the Niners, so the Skins couldn't score that many," you were wrong.

I haven't seen that kind of dominating performance since...well, since Joe Gibbs was coach.

One of the most beautifully thrown passes that I've ever seen was caught by Santana Moss right in front of my seats at FedEx. Given how fast moss was running and how closely he was covered, Brunell had about a six- to twelve-inch window through which he had to throw the ball from 40-yards away. Brunell hit moss right on the hands and between the numbers and Moss didn't break stride.


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