Thursday, October 13, 2005

I'm Sorry

I apologize to Mark Brunell.

In my post on September 12, I worried that Patrick Ramsey might lose his starting QB job. I wrote that his job loss would be the team’s loss because this team needed to stretch the field to win and that “Brunell couldn’t stretch the field with heavy equipment.”

Mark Brunell has done an outstanding job in the starting QB role and there is no reason to believe it cannot continue. His short passing game against the Bears and for the first 56 minutes of the Cowboys game gave way to the deep balls to Moss against Dallas in the last four minutes. Those two passes to Moss, it seems have turned everything around.

I was wrong about Brunell, but I was correct in my assessment that the most important thing that the Redskins needed to accomplish was to throw the ball for a higher average yards per pass than last year because this team has proven it can do all the other things that are necessary to win. Brunell has been able to throw deep and that has made all of the difference.


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