Wednesday, October 26, 2005

How Good are the Redskins II?

Last week, I used the Indianapolis Colts as a benchmark. I compared the Redskins with the Colts because the Colts are considered the class of the NFL by several experts and “power” rankings. I update some data here.

Last Week:
Colts Offense: 10th
Skins Offense: 6th
Edge: Redskins

Colts Defense: 11th
Skins Defense: 5th
Edge: Redskins

Colts Offense: 8th
Skins Offense: 2nd
Edge: Redskins

Colts Defense: 6th
Skins Defense: 4th
Edge: Redskins

Both teams improved, but the Redskins are still better statistically in offensive- and defensive-yards.

Critics will say that the Redskins just played the 49ers and that skews the numbers, but the Colts played the 49ers three weeks ago. And, the Colts also played the Rams, Texans, and Browns already, so four of their seven games have been against some pretty bad teams.

The Redskins have played a much tougher schedule, including three games against first-place teams --in the NFC North (Bears), NFC West (Seahawks), and AFC West (Broncos)--and one game against a second-place team in the AFC West (Chiefs). They also played a game against the team that began the week in first-place in the NFC East (Cowboys).

Interestingly, the Skins have only mustered a tenth-place ranking on CBS Sportsline. CBS has the Seahawks ahead of the Skins at ninth-place even though the Skins beat them. Meanwhile, ESPN has the Skins ranked fourteenth and the Seahawks fifth.

Okay, so let me get this straight. The Redskins have played, if not the toughest schedule in the NFL then one of the five toughest schedules in the NFL; their average combined ranking on offense and defense is 3 (second on offense and fourth on defense), which is best in the NFL and the next closest team's average is 5.5; and ESPN still ranks a team that the Skins beat (Seahawks), a team that is 30th in defense (Giants), a team with a 0.500 record (Patriots), and a team with a losing record (Chargers) ahead of the Skins? I guess this is why there is horse racing.

The Skins tough schedule continues this week. In their next three games they play the team tied for first in the NFC East (Giants), last year’s NFC Champion (Eagles), and the team in first-place in the NFC South (Bucs).

On the bright side: When the playoffs start, they will have been battle tested and that will help them win in the playoffs; playoff wins are more important than a subjective ranking.


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