Friday, July 29, 2005

Profiling IV

I risk turning this Blog into a single-issue, "pro-profiling" Blog, but I cannot fathom the lunacy of the anti-profiling crowd.

From Charles Krauthammer's column:

...The American response to tightening up after London has been reflexive and idiotic: random bag checks in the New York subways. Random meaning that the people stopped are to be chosen numerically. One in every five or 10 or 20.

This is an obvious absurdity and everyone knows it. It recapitulates the appalling waste of effort and resources we see at airports every day when, for reasons of political correctness, 83-year-old grandmothers from Poughkeepsie are required to remove their shoes in the search for jihadists hungering for paradise...

...Assuaging feelings is a good thing, but hunting for terrorists this way is simply nuts. The fact is that jihadist terrorism has been carried out from Bali to Casablanca to Madrid to London to New York to Washington by young Muslim men of North African, Middle Eastern and South Asian origin.

This is not a stereotype. It is a simple statistical fact...the overwhelming odds are that the guy bent on blowing up your train traces his origins to the Islamic belt stretching from Mauritania to Indonesia...

Read the whole thing for a clever way to get around the issue by working backwards.

Many hard working, rational people file into buses, subways, trains, and planes everyday without questioning the lunacy of this as if they have all been hypnotized by ACLU therapists (or "conditioned" by their sociology professors). Terrorism cannot be eliminated unless they wake up, rise up and demand that their representatives create laws that allow profiling.


At August 10, 2005 9:11 AM, Blogger Charlottesvillain said...

I couldn't agree more CT.


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