Friday, September 30, 2005

Tom Oli(syco)phant and Honest Dialogue on Race

Tom Oliphant of the Boston Globe was just on MSLSD (I love that joke from Mark Levin) talking about the Bill Bennett controversy. Oliphant said race is America’s original sin and that we are just beginning to develop a “scab over that wound” and that every once in a while someone “picks at that scab.” He said Bennett should have immediately apologized for his remarks; Oliphant said Bennett should have said he didn’t mean to say them.

I guess we need a Bill Clinton (“the first black President”) to sign a welfare reform bill and a Bill Cosby to talk honestly about racial issues. White males like Bennett need not apply. Oliphant actually said there is a "line that should not be crossed" when "discussing" racial issues. Honest dialogue about racial issues is nearly impossible as long as the Jesse Jacksons, Al Sharptons, and their sycophants like Tom Oliphant are around to “protect” free speech.

The right has a legitimate claim that the underclass is the left's "military-industrial" complex. Democrats need the underclass to hold power in elected office. Liberal intellectuals need the underclass to get tenure and get on the lecture circuit and book writing tours. African-American focused foundations need the underclass to raise money from guilt-ridden white liberals and corporate shakedowns. If the left ever cared enough to fix the problems of the underclass, they would all lose power. Honest dialogue is the first step to fixing the problem, which is why it is so important for the left to stomp on anyone who "crosses that line."


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