Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Mets Get Santana? Not yet

The Mets may have just pulled a rabbit out of a hat the way I am praying that Snyder will in a few days.

Acquiring Santana for four mid-level prospects--and not including Reyes--instantly makes the Mets the NL pennant favorite.

But wait. He is not in the bag yet. The deal is contingent on Santana signing a contract extension. Never underestimate the potential for the Wilpons to screw this up. Especially now because, as Olney of points out, Santana and his agent have ALL of the leverage now that the trade has been announced. The Wilpons are absolutely squirming right now.

Will they say Santana's demands are unreasonable as they did when they cut off the A-rod negotiations several years ago before A-rod signed with Texas? Will they stop $8 million dollars short of sealing a deal and a sure pennant, as they did when they traded Mike Cameron two years ago? Will the Wilpons try to nix it, as they tried to do in the Piazza trade in 1998?

Don't celebrate yet Mets fans. Let's see it in writing first.


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