Saturday, February 03, 2007

Fire up the Furnace...There's a lot of Bronze to Melt


That word perfectly sums up the voting for the 2007 class to the NFL Hall of Fame.

The NFL has allowed forty sportswriters to eradicate credibility from the game of professional football. In the process, those forty have made asses of themselves.

Conveniently, they elected a drug addicted, whore-mongering, Cowboy’s wide receiver, who is an embarrassment to the game, into Canton before Art Monk. I say these forty asses conveniently elected a Cowboy because there once was a movie called “North Dallas Forty.” In Irvin’s speech, after he discovered his great fortune, he profusely thanked the Dallas sportswriter Rick Gosselin, whom Irvin said had insinuated (my word) himself on to the voting committee and “sold, sold, sold” Irvin to the HOF voters. Gosselin turned the committee members into the North Dallas Forty. If he stuck with the theme of Irvin’s career, Gosselin would have persuaded their votes with crack and whores, but we'll never know what happened behind those closed doors.

Irvin said he and Gosselin campaigned together for three years to get him elected. I guess that is what it takes to get selected ahead of a better player…a campaign. Something no self-respecting football player should have to do. But, then again Art Monk is all about respect and Michael Irvin is all about embarrassment. I am not talking about how he embarrassed the game as a player ten years ago; I’m talking about how he embarrassed the game as recently as ten months ago.

But the argument isn’t that Monk was a better citizen than Irvin. Even a deaf, dumb and blind person could hear, speak and see that. No, Monk was simply the better receiver…by far…it’s not close. There is no objective standard that one could use to say Irvin was better than Monk or deserves to be there ahead of Monk. No statistic. There is nothing.

The HOF voting committee is a joke. That is why the busts in Canton should be melted for higher and better uses. The North Dallas Forty have just diminished the accomplishments of all the current members of the HOF, including Joe Gibbs.


At February 03, 2007 7:44 PM, Blogger Scott said...

It's a curious thing for sure. On paper, it makes little sense. But one must also note that it is call the Hall of FAME for a reason. It's part 'popularity contest' (for better or worse). And there is no doubt that Irvin is more 'famous' then Monk. It's a sad commentary about what is promoted in the media. Bad behavior sells. The same could be said about TO. He'll figure it out soon. And maybe he'll "play nice" for a season or two in Dallas (or wherever) to ensure a post-retirement position as a commentator. Look, I take nothing away from Irvin. The man had game. And he seemed to make some changes in his approach to life that helped his off-field game as much as his on-field game. It's unfortunate that the redemption of a 'bad boy' sells so much better than bringing longstanding quiet character and leadership to the game... not to mention the INCREDIBLE stats of Monk.


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